PenteFaith Biblical Studies Institute is deeply committed to providing quality Bible college programs for lay Christian workers, and seminary training for experienced ministers. Our early courses are for Christians who wish to learn how to integrate Biblical principles into their daily lives, homes, and businesses. It is also for those who want to be a better witness for the Lord, and to effectively participate in their local Church, community, and country. In a sense, every Christian is a minister, in that we are all to serve one another for the Lord’s sake. Our latter courses are for ministerial students, who already have a basic working knowledge of the Bible, but seek to develop more proficient ministerial skills. Our on-site classes are held in the Houston, TX area. However, for those living outside of the Houston area who would like to enroll in our classes, we offer correspondent classes. We are excited that you are apart of our upcoming academic year at PenteFaith Biblical Studies Institute. 

+Dr. Ty Watts